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Rates & Rooms


  • We charge $22.00 per day for one dog boarding.

        For multiple dogs in the same room the charge                will be discounted.

2 dogs sharing = $33 a day

3 dogs sharing = $40 a day

4 dogs sharing = $50

  • Since we are a hotel for dogs, our charges are similar to a person hotel!

Here at Country Charm, our boarding charges begin the day you arrive. If you pick up before NOON Monday-Saturday you will not be charged for the pick up day.  Just like a person hotel.  The only exception is Sunday.  Since we are only open from 4-6 pm, Sunday is an automatic charged day.    

  • We do not charge extra for giving medications pr if your dog would require extra attention.


  •  Now accepting credit cards!  There is a 3% service charge.  We continue to accept checks and cash. 



  • All of our rooms are set up as private cabins. Each cabin comes with a cozy bed with all bedding included. Your pet will be comfortable and happy in our climate controlled rooms!

  • At no additional cost, we have three indoor/outdoor rooms available for your dog to freely go outside through a dog door. This is a first come first serve option. 

  • We have fun music playing throughout the day and relaxing music throughout the night.



  • Each day, your dog will be given individual attention from all members of our family. As a family run business, our family works together to ensure your pet has a wonderful time here. Our children enjoy feeding biscuits daily and playing with your dog. Each evening, your dog will be pampered with a special biscuit and given additional attention before lights out for the night!

  • BATHS are offered for an additional cost of $20 per dog.  We call them "Going home baths".  We will give your dog the requested bath the day before you arrive so your dog goes home smelling pampered fresh!  Request this service at drop off.



We work hard at providing the same routine for your dog here at Country Charm as you would at home. We will happily accommodate to your feeding requests and daily routine as well as give any medication at no additional cost.



We have two play yards available so your pet can exercise. Each cabin room is let out separately 4 to 5 times a day and individual attention given. Your dog will have plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air throughout the day!