Image by Ralu Gal

Our Rates

On May 1st our rates for one dog in a room will increase to 22 a day.  The rate for multiple dogs in a room will stay the same.     

Any customers that made reservations before April 26th at 6 pm will still receive the previous rate of 18 a day.

We offer climate controlled private rooms.  Dogs will have outside time in a privacy fenced in area throughout the day.  Pets will never be with other pets from another household.    Charges start on the day they check in.  If they check out before noon there will be no charge for that day, except for Sundays.


  • One dog in a room            -  22 a day

  • Two dogs in a room          -  33 a day

  • Three dogs in a room        -  40 a day


​We have a private room to accomidate cats. 

  • Cats are 15 a day.